Seven decades of expertise and experience were poured into Kawar Arak, created by the Kawars - a prominent Middle Eastern family. Patriarch and founder Iskandar Kawar started producing Arak in a small Jordanian factory in 1940. He passed the secrets of his trade on to his children and grandchildren, who presently uphold the family tradition.

In 2002, Baheeg Kawar from Nazareth decided to make the world’s finest Arak. He combined old family traditions with cutting-edge technology that has never been used in Arak production before. After 8 years of serious development and investment, he came up with the perfect formula and the family launched a premium line of authentic Arak brands.

Located in the ancient city of Nazareth, the Kawar Arak plant is presently one of the most advanced Arak distilleries - regionally and worldwide.

Arak 45

Light and breezy, this Arak is dedicated to the young who take their first steps in the world of Kawar Araks. Based on Syrian aniseed that is considered the best in the world, fine alcohol, and purified water. Kawar Arak 45 will accompany a wide range of cuisines, fish, barbecue and Mediterranean dishes. It is also a perfect choice for cocktails.

Arak 53

Sophisticated and deep, lively focusing, excellent with leisurely meals and fascinating conversations. Based on Syrian aniseed considered the best in the world, 100% grape alcohol and purified water. Powerful, full-bodied, with distinctive aromas of Anise and herbs.