The Contessa Annalisa project is a portfolio of superior Italian wines from many regions of Italy, focusing on typical varietals such as Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese, Moscato, and Chianti. The line offers a range of prices, from entry-level to reserve wines. The wineries included in this project bring their unique style of winemaking while sharing the core values of the Contessa Annalisa label - quality, value, character, and love of wine.

Bianco Toscana, 2015

Trebbiano and Malvasia. From famed Tuscan vineyards, light straw in color, stainless steel fermentation with bottle aging. A classic, light Italian white. Delicate and elegant on the nose, with clear, fruity notes enriched with floral and bergamot nuances. Dry, rightly round on the palate, it is characterized by minerality, making it very pleasant to drink.

Rosso Toscana, 2015

Sangiovese grapes from Tuscan vineyards. Intense ruby red color. The nose and finish are reminiscent of berries. Medium bodied, revealing a pleasant fruitiness. Stainless steel with bottle aging.

100% Sangiovese

Primitivo Organic, 2015

Marchesana vineyards are planted in Gioia del Colle on a red ferrous soil and a layer of limestone below. The skins macerate with the must for 6-7 days. Aging takes place in stainless steel for 9 months, refinement in bottles for 4 months. Deep ruby-red color with violet tints. Intense aromas of blackberries and cherries with delicate notes of violet and mint. Full, long and velvety finish.

100% Organic Primitivo


Minutolo Organic, 2015

Marchesana vineyards are planted in Gioia del Colle on a red ferrous soil and a layer of limestone below. Soft pressing and must fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 14°C for 18 days. Pale yellow color with a beautiful crystalline light, intense and fine notes of bergamot, banana, nectarine, green apple, and chamomile. Fresh and sapid character with a long and consistent finish.

100% Organic Minutolo

Rose Organic, 2016

Made with organic grapes from the Puglia region this dry Rosé reveals an intense brilliant cherry pink with beautiful luminosity. Wild strawberry, raspberry, and cherry on the nose and aromas of rose and oleander. The aromas are enhanced by hints of herb. Smooth, silky and round with pleasant freshness and a sapid character.

40% Aleatico, 30% Aglianico, 30% Primitivo

Prosecco, 2015

Soft crushing, fermentation in stainless steel under a controlled temperature of 18°C and natural fermentation of Charmat method. Pale straw yellow color with green hints. Delicate nose with fine fragrances. Fresh on the palate with good acidic balance.

100% Prosecco

Kosher: Mevushal

Gavi di Gavi, 2015

Clear straw-yellow color with characteristic greenish highlights. Fine bouquet, medium intensity, with an evident note of green apples, delicate hawthorn flower fragrance and a hint of aniseed. A well-structured, fresh, pleasant taste; smooth, persistent and lively in the mouth.

100% Cortese