Les Jamelles, Chardonnay


Varietals: 100% Chardonnay

Origin: About 15% of the blend comes from vines located in the foothills of the Cévennes (north of Béziers), at 400m altitudes. 25% comes from the plain of Hérault and about 35% from the valley of the Aude, near Carcassonne (region of Minervois) where our wines are fermented and matured in oak barrels. The remaining 25% comes from the Limoux region known for its elegant and complex Chardonnay. Soils of several types: clay and limestone in the Cévennes (giving a nice fresh acidity to the wines), rich clays and pebbles in the plains of Béziers (giving rich and round wines) and clay and limestone near Carcassonne Fruity wines). Vines cultivated in terraces whose altitude ranges from 150 to 400 meters. Average age of about 15 years, Carved in "cordon de Royat" (trellised). The average yield is low, of the order of 45 hectoliters per hectare.

Winemaking: According to the family know-how of the Delaunay family, about 35% of the CHARDONNAY Les Jamelles are fermented in oak barrels (new oak and one year old). The barrels are filled with must before the alcoholic fermentation begins. Fermentation of about 3 weeks, then matured in barrels, on lees, during 9 months where it makes its malolactic fermentation. As for the great white wines of Burgundy, it is regularly "stirred" (stirred to mix the dregs and the wine) in order to obtain the most richness and roundness possible. The other 65% is fermented in stainless steel tanks at 18-20°C to obtain fruit. The malolactic fermentation is blocked to preserve the freshness. Final assembly before bottling.

Tasting: Wine with a good freshness, a good fruit and a lot of wealth, in the Burgundian style.

- Visual Review: Pretty golden color. Beautiful clarity.                                        

- Olfactory examination: Aromas of apricot and pear, even green apple. Notes of walnut and hazelnut, touches of white flowers (wild lilies), final slightly buttered. The vanilla oak is very subtle and well integrated, to which is added a subtly lemony note.                                                                                                  

- Tasting Review: It is a complex wine and very balanced, of great freshness with a long finish.

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