Vitkin, Petite Sirah


Varietal: 100% Petite Sirah

Vintage: 2009

Harvest: After receiving the harvest, the grapes were separated and transferred without crunching to large fermentation containers. And the grapes were fermented in an open container using the "hat-breaking" technique typical of the Pigeage Valley in France, and the grapes were on the shells for nearly three and a half weeks after squeezing and settling the wine into an alolactic fermentation and maturation in wooden barrels French oak with a volume of 300 liters for 16 months.

Aroma/Palate: At this stage, the wine exhibits a purple-black opaque color, generous and pleasant aromas of sweet "blue" fruit, sweet spices, a complex of anomalies and flowers. The mouth is very closed because of its young age, but later, with proper ventilation, the wine reveals a full texture, consisting of highly concentrated black-blue fruit, a "meaty" character, full and thick body with an excellent balance between ripeness, structure, and freshness. The finish is very long with complex and sharp flavors. 

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